Mundareu Festival is an outdoor event proudly presented by Evoluir. It is a much-beloved event that celebrates the environment preservation and takes place on parks and urban green areas. The event hosts over 20 attractions among outdoor games, music concerts, workshops, dance and exhibitions mainly focused on The Three R's: "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", the waste hierarchy. The event runs over a weekend and attracts more than 3,500 guests.

The brand identity for Mundaréu is based on the concept – "a world [mundo, in Portuguese] of possibilities". The overall brand mimics the styling of the children drawings and the graphics are inspired by the handcraft creations. The colours were thought to be balanced when used in parks and outdoor spaces and the activities are divided by three main words: Eu (I), Nós (We) and Mundaréu (World) which approach the environmental awareness from their respective point of view.

Mundareu Festival
Outdoor event
Art direction: Gabi Ferreira
Logo: Uriá Fassina
Illustrations: Marcella Tamayo
Prin production: Chico Maciel
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